DATE: 2023-01-21
AO: Sandlot
Q: citrus
PAX: Legacy, Booking, Big Data, Beaux, Traveler
FNGs: FNG Cartel, DR PAX The Tulip (F3 Puget Sound), DR PAX Plumbbob (F3 Essex) COUNT: 9
WARMUP: Yes, including 3 burpees


Ladders of 8s with burpees and LBCs (28 burpees total)
5 minute EMOM: 4 burpees + seal claps (switched to calf raises) (20 burpees total)

Roxanne – burpee every time they sing “Roxanne” (27 burpees total)
7 minute EMOM: 3 burpees + run to baseline to baseline on basketball court (21 burpees total)

Flower (Bring Sally Up) – follow the directions (30 burpees total) 9 minute EMOM: 2 burpees + suicide lap on basketball court (18 burpees total)

Basketball (missed layup = 1 burpee for everyone and change of possession)

MARY: Flutter kicks, LBCs, Nolan Ryans

ANNOUNCEMENTS: None (but don’t forget about GrowRuck 35 in March)

COT: We remind everyone before each workout not to hurt themselves – but make sure you are reassessing your limits periodically. What may have been impossible for you 3 months ago, might now only be “really hard”. Do the “really hard” stuff.

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