DATE: 2023-01-10
AO: Delphi
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Maj. Payne, Hoolihan, Horshack, Doodles, Nano, Hightower, Dunder, Wham-O, Zeus, Peanuts, Pop Fly, Ashe, YNAB FNGs: I-Beam, Rocket, Bluegrass, Juneau
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial walkers, arm circles, overhead clap, WMHs, cherry picker, downdog, mtn climbers, merkins, updog THE THANG:
Lots of moving parts in a wave like motion.

PERPETUAL BURPEE: Numbered off 1-18.
1 does 25 Burpees, 2 takes over after and this continues. Everyone does 25 burpees

MOTION BURPEE Meanwhile everyone else does these rounds with stops at 6 lines on the field about every 12 yards for an increasing number of Burpees. Line 1 = 1 burpee, line 6= 6 burpees

Each round nets 21 burpees (21×6 = 126)
Rd 1. Lunge walk
Rd 2 bear crAwl
Rd 3 broad jump
Rd 4 suicides
Rd 5 Frankensteins
Rd 6 gorilla walk

End of each round is a run back to touch line..

WAVE BURPEE: During the round, the lines also do a single burpee in wave form. Starts at the end and as it comes to you, you do a burpee to continue the wave. Roughly 3 waves per round (3×6= 18)

25 + 126+ 18 = 169 burpees give or take.

MARY: flutterkicks and lbcs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: @Horshack in the house to encourage GROW Ruck participation. Make it happen.
COT: never give up. Tulane Green Wave was considered a significant underdog against the Heisman trophy winner and a storied football program in USC…and yet a tremendous come from behind win. Never give up. The ocean never quits…sometimes it’s a soft wave. Sometimes it’s a tidal wave…but it never ceases to push forward. May that be you.

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