400 with Soarky

DATE: 2023-01-07
AO: Farm
Q: Sparky
PAX: Infinity, Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: Buzz
WARMUP: SSH, beet pickers, MP, surrenders, neck rolls, short Mozy THE THANG:
20 each

Kneel shoulder press
Good mornings
Plank IC

Wide grip Mercans
Kneel arm circles
Good mornings

Rocking chair Mercans
Jump squats
Side lunges – low impact
Beach scissors

Diamond Mercans
Side squats
Broad jumps

Sumo squats
Grady corns

MARY: HIMS choice- flutter kicks, penguin March, slow LBC, stretches ANNOUNCEMENTS:
“Live simply so others may simply live. “
St Elizabeth Ann Seton

If you have a lot or maybe too much, be conscious of cutting back and pay it forward to those who might not have enough.

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