Last workout of 2022

DATE: 2022-12-31
AO: Olympus
Q: Rollingstone
PAX: Ashe, CableGuy, Hightower, Juneau, Peanuts, Pop Fly, Rambler, Toolbox, YNAB, Zeus FNGs: None
WARMUP: ssh, Willy Mays hays, arm circles, downward dog, mosey around track THE THANG: 10 to 1 countdown. Burpees, squats, calf raises, merkins, arm press.
Assorted sprints, 2 basketball dribble, knock out, 3×3 basket ball, 2 ball pass, human push up thing never to be done again, merkin with basketball.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: coat drive, grow ruck (see Hightower)
COT: start the new year right bring men to F3, and try something new in your LIFE, I’ll say no more lest I am perceived to say something different than LIFE, some of you have dirty minds, toolbox, pop, Ashe…

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