But I didn’t get you anything…

DATE: 2022-12-13
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: citrus, 2 percent, Booking, Fairweather, Hard Knox
FNGs: None
It was a pretty exciting morning at the General. It was Fairweather’s birthday – respect right around the corner – and his last post of the year so wishing him safe travels. And Citrus was on a cloud (pre-workout at least) after the ‘Cuse won the NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship, 2-2 or 7-6 or however they count points in soccer, congrats either way. And most of of because we held a gift exchange. It’s hard to describe the palpable excitement on the field waiting for the gifts in store.

WARMUP: SSH, copperhead squats, imperials walkers, hillbillies, Moroccan night clubs, Michael Phelps, willie mays hayes, tempo merkins, downward dog, cobra kai.

THE THANG: We started by commemorating the soccer championship. Syracuse fans did 7 burpees, while everyone else did 6, as a show of their dominance.

Then on to the gift exchange. Or white elephant gift exchange perhaps. There was a deck of cards (“gifts”) at the 20 yard line each with an exercise. In turn, the PAX would draw 2 cards, and give one to all PAX, leading the count, and keep the other for themselves. The next PAX did the same but could keep their second card or swap gifts with any other PAX that went before him. When all PAX were finished, the PAX could either lead the exercise they were holding, or pick a new card, but had to use the drawn card this time. Finally, because the holiday spirit seemed to be waning (and the Q couldn’t think of any more games), we just did the rest of the exercises. Exercises were:
20 air presses IC
30 mountain climbers IC
20 box jumps (on the stairs nearby)
Bear crawl to the 40 and back
15 WWIs
20 merkins
20 monkey humpers IC
Crab walk to the 20 and back
10 absolutions
40 squats
30 calf raises IC
25 dry docks
20 bonnie blairs IC
20 Freddy Mercuries IC
20 flutter kicks IC
100 yard sprint, reverse run back
25 Bobby Hurley’s

MARY: American hammers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ski trip in February

COT: The Q spent the weekend with his 80 year old father in law also thinking about his 79 year old father. They’re both fine, but they are their age, and it’s hard to get used to. One of the things that helps the most is patience. Which is a reasonable habit to get into with others, and with yourself.

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