Rock and Roll All Nite (and Every Gloom)

DATE: 2022-12-10
AO: Sandlot
Q: Boomer
PAX: bogey, Booking, citrus, Dojo, Lazlo, Legacy, Zeus, Shake ‘N’ Bake FNGs: Flood
WARMUP: Mountain Climbers, SSH, Cherry Pickers, Michae Phelps, LBACs, Mosey to Field


Musical Dora
PAX partnered up and switched off running suicides and exercise. Rather than counts of 1-2-3, only moved to next exercise after song on playlist ended. Round 1: Merkins, V Ups, Air Squats
Round 2: Wide Arm Merkins, Freddie Mercuries, Reverse Lungs
*Unfortunately, the PAX thought this wasn’t very challenging and that the playlist was lousy.

Wall Sits
PAX lined up holding wall sits and went up and down the line doing an increasing number of squats.
*Intention was for Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall to be playing during this, but in true Boomer fashion his Internet stopped working and he blames Citrus. 😄

Short Tabatta work of 45 second work, 15 second rest including: Merkins, SSH, Four Square, Calf Raises & Bonnie Blairs. At PAX insistence, Burpees were also included.

MARY: Dealers choice of various things: Big Boy Sit Ups, Toy Soldier, Nolan Ryans etc

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ski Trip in February

COT: Despite the upbeat music, the lyrics of today’s playlist were full of regret, apocalyptic themes, nihilism, and longing for something more. To the extent this mood is at work in the world, I’m working on being someone who encourages, gives hope, and shows people meaning in life. May the men of F3 be ones who serve, love, and sacrifice for their families and friends and show a better way.

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