1 year anniversary reconstruction of first post

DATE: 2022-11-30
AO: Compound
Q: Yardbird
PAX: citrus, Hightower, Peanuts, Popeyes, Zeus
FNGs: Doodles, Simba, Nafta, Snake
WARMUP: SSH, mosey to garage, arm circles, IW, Cherry pickers, WMH, DD, WGS
THE THANG: card deck shenanigans a la Booking, perhaps modified. Each Pax chooses card after a lap.

Squat jumps

HR Merkins
Diamond Merkins
Pull ups
Stationary breakdancer

V ups
Big Boys
Freddy Mercury
Am Hammer 3 is 1

# pace bear crawl and back
# pace Spider-Man crawl
# pace jumps and back

WILD CARD = # on card of burpees + exercise

+2/4 = add to the # of reps

PASS GO = lap of finger sweeps before exercise

REVERSE = backwards run before exercise

OLD MAID = Last 4 stations in a row continuously


MARY: flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: bowling, like finger sweeps.
COT: it’s been a great year, growing in confidence at work, at home, in general from this continued experience. Even if you can’t do something, you can try, and even if you suck at it, there’s someone to your left and right trying, too. Keep coming out to strengthen the body, but more so, the mind.

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