the 1956…with ammo cans!

DATE: 2022-11-29
AO: Atlantis
Q: Hammerhead
PAX: Hammerhead
FNGs: None
COUNT: tbd
WARMUP: 15 Good Mornings
15 Side Straddle Hop Squares
15 Cherry Pickers
15 Hillbilly Walkers
15 Don Quixotes
15 Wille Mays Hayes
15 Trunk Twists
15 Alternating Lunges

THE THANG: 45sec x 4 exercise sets x 3 rounds (25s between sets) of the following–

20# ammo can sdhp’s
jump squats (sub for lack of a med. wall ball)
14# ammo cans Push Press
20x shuffleshuffle touches

make every HIT count!

Then closeout w Dips, Derkins, Flutterkicks and Nolan Ryans

MARY: mtn climbers galore

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Saturday morning 12/3 check out @Deflator’s WOD in Annapolis

COT: lets keep our anxiety at a healthy level (i.e.Low) as Christ said (paraphrasing here) anxiety never made anyone live but an hour longer

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