Too many AMRAPs…

DATE: 2022-11-05
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Horshack, Deagle, Cannoli, Riot, Butter, Dungeon Master (Amon), Wildcat, ShowMe, Lobstah (F3 Seattle) FNGs: Elsa, Loiter (FNG)
25 ssh ic
15 imperial walkers ic
15 mountain climbers ic
5 x 2 fire hydrants single count
10 Spider-Man planks ic
1 lap around field
10 long slow alternating lunges ic
10 Abe vigodas ic
10 cherry pickers ic

3 x 1/2 bear crawl 1/2 walk laps around playground track

1 min AMRAP 3 rounds of each
Coupon curl to press
Coupon squat to round the world

Jog to one side of field sprint back

1 min AMRAP 3 rounds of each
3 hand release merkins then plank walk three “steps” to the side, repeat

9 x climbs up hill with one burpee on top

20 Alternating leg left to reverse crunch with coupon held about head IC

10 dying crab roaches ic

10 X factors ic

10 lbcs ic

20 Freddie Mercuries ic

10 arm circles ic

10 big boy sit ups ic

10 flutters ic

10 x2 rodeos ic

10 Flutters ic


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