Suicide Squad

DATE: 2022-11-23
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Snake (Will Harris), Mr Haand, SPINAL TAP, Kodiak, sticks, Disco, Gherkin FNGs: Atache
WARMUP: WMH, Cherry Picker, Abe Vigoda, rattlesnake squats
THE THANG: 18/50/cross field suicides; always something special between start and 18 (murder bunnies, bear crawls etc); sets of blockies, roll-ups etc. every time you hit the start line. Assorted squats for a cool-down
MARY: body saw, box cutters, jack knife
ANNOUNCEMENTS: meet Friday 7 am for ultimate with F2s
COT: Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone got their fill this morning.

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