DATE: 2022-11-10
AO: Freestate
Q: Wildcat
PAX: Deagle, Winston, ShowMe
FNGs: Brony
Side-Straddle-Hop: x 25 IC
Swingbillies: x 15 IC
Arm circles/Chinooks: x 10/5/5/10 IC
Cherry Pickers: x 15 IC
Mountain Climbers: x 15 IC
Plank Jacks: x 15 IC
Hairy Rockettes: x 15 IC
Windmills: x 15 IC

Mosey to grab coupons

The Thang: 4 rounds of:

5+ Merkins OYO
10+ Overhead Coupon Presses OYO
10+ Coupon Rowers OYO
5+ Burpees OYO
10+ Coupon Curls OYO
10+ Coupon Squats OYO

(The time it took YHC to complete the minimum number of reps was the timer for each exercise – PAX could accelerate the number. On the last round, the timer was either YHC or the PAX who got to twice that number first.)

2 Moseys around basketball court in between each round (w/ karaokes, high skips, and high knees)

Mosey to return coupons

Freddie Mercury x 15 IC
LBCs x 10 IC
Flutters x 10 IC
Plankorama/Nolan Ryans: 10/10/10/10 IC
X Factors x 12 IC

COT/Announcements: On Election day, I worked the polls and had to leave my phone off from 5:45 am to 10:00 pm. I had serious withdrawal, SERIOUS withdrawal, but it was actually kind of pleasant to spend an entire day just helping people vote, without being able to obsess over internet discussions of politics. While I certainly want to take whatever action I can to stop or slow the decline and willful destruction of America and western civilization, maybe I (we?) should spend more time focusing on the people and things around us IRL that we can actually affect or change, and less time pointlessly surfing the web and scrolling through Twitter angsting about the things we have very little control over. Then, maybe we’ll have more good days, like I had on Tuesday, with real people doing real things.

The Grunt is Saturday, 7:00 am, at the Lincoln Memorial. I and a few others will be going down separately (for various reasons), but we’ll try to organize a clown car for anybody who is able/wants to carpool.

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