Ladders and New Friends

DATE: 2022-11-05
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: bogey, Legacy
FNGs: Dojo, FNG Dirk, FNG Audi
WARMUP: SSH, LBAC, Willie, Cherry Pickers, Coupon mosey to The General

PAX worked together to achieve 100 pull-ups. PAX completed sets of 5-10 pull-ups, and then rotated through other stations of wall-sits and coupon squats while waiting for their next turn on the bar.

100 yard sprint. 100 LBCs. 100 yard sprint back to the original goal line. 90 yard backpedal. 90 Mountain Climbers. 90 yard backpedal to return. The pattern continued with:
80yd lateral shuffle. 80 calf raises. Return.
70yd butt kickers. 70 American Hammers. Return.
60yd high knees. 60 Dirty Dogs. Return.
50yd lunge walk. 50 Merkins. Return.
40yd bear crawl. 40 Jump Squats. Return
30yd sprint. 30 monkey humpers. Return.
20yd sprint. 20 Shoulder Taps IC. Return
10yd sprint. 10 hand release burpees. Return.

We picked up 2 FNGs along the way who thought our workout looked fun and asked what we were doing. After grabbing their email addresses, they later returned to finish the final 3 rounds and Mary with us. Shoutout to FNGs Dirk and Audi for stepping out of their comfort zone and joining us!

MARY: Flutter kicks, LBCs, Something I can’t remember, and American Hammers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt next weekend, so The Sandlot is cancelled!

COT: In preparation of Veteran’s Day, YHC was thinking about sacrifice. As men, we are called to put our gifts and talents to the service of others. Think about how you can serve those around you this week.

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