Stretching Out the Lungs

DATE: 2022-11-01
AO: Delphi
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: I-Beam, Nano, Dunder, Rocket, Hoolihan, Gadget, Juneau, Peanuts, K-Pop FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSHs, Trunk Twists, Cherry Pickers, Lunges
THE THANG: We met on the tennis courts
(1) Down and back: Merkins
– Run across the 3 tennis courts. Each down and back, conduct a Push-up ladder. Start with 1 and go up to 10. Ex: Down and back, 1 push-up. Down and back, 2 push-ups…. Down and back, 10 push-ups. (2) Down then Back: Over Head Press
– Rifle Carry Coupon to far side of tennis courts, execute 1 Over-head Press. Rifle carry Coupon back to start line, 2 OH Presses. Continue ladder until reaching 10 OH Presses (3) Down and Back: Kettlebell Swings
– Out to the end of the 2nd tennis court and back, execute a Kettlebell Swing ladder. 1-10 (4) 30x Sit-ups with partner holding PAX feet to the ground (switch) (5) Down then Back: Squats
– Farmer Carry Coupon to end of 1st tennis court. Execute 1 squat. Farmer carry back to start, 2 squats. Back and forth until ladder to 10 squats is complete (6) Down and Back: Curls
– Down and back across the 3 tennis courts. Execute a curl ladder from 1 up to 10. (ten out and backs) (7) 30x Sit-ups with partner holding PAX feet to the ground (switch) (8) 2x Suicides across the courts.

MARY: No time

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt (12 Nov), 2nd Social (16th), Turkey Trot (24th)

COT: The 2ndF events are what grow us. If you’re going to get up at 0530 – you’re amazing. So are the other guys to the left and right of you. Participating in the 2ndF events provides another layer of fulfillment that only brings goodness and balance to our lives and to the group.

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