UConn? You can! women’s ball conditioning circuits

DATE: 2022-10-25
AO: Atlantis
Q: Hammerhead
PAX: True North
FNGs: @PurpleCow
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial, CPs, trunk bends, Fabios, Alt Lunges, World’s Greatest Stretch
THE THANG: Delta Pier Crawlbear/Bearcrawls…stadium Serpentine stairclimb, lap around Nats Park…
UCONN Womens Basketball 15× Triangle circuits of: High Knees, BouncePass, Karaokes , 30yd Dash [@ Winery Lot ]
MARY: Recumbent Freddie’s. FLUTTERKICKS and Hurdler hammers ANNOUNCEMENTS: Vets Day cometh
COT: thanks to @PurpleCow from ATL who “completed us” this morning … no words of wisdom, just give credit to the Creator

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