Tricks and Treats

DATE: 2022-10-24
AO: Patriot
Q: Roadkill
PAX: Flipper, Lazlo, Wedding Singer, Big Short, Maguire, Lucius, Elvis, bogey, citrus, Wallace, CableGuy, Legacy, Bone FNGs: @Smokey, @Willis, @Compass, NC Visitor
WARMUP: SSH, IW/HB, CP/WMH, DD/WGS/CK, Little bitty arm circles
THE THANG: PAX split into four groups to rotate among stations. The Graveyard for overhead press, curls, Atlas Shrug, chest press in reps of 20 repeating. The Gallows for pull ups and leg lifts for three sets of 5 each and serving as the timer for all when done. Dante’s stairs for step ups, dips, Derkins, and squats in reps of 20 repeating. The Inquisition to share areas of fear/worry (tricks) and joy/delight (treats) in your life while holding various plank positions. Four total rounds rotating to the next station with 1.25 lap, then 100 yard bear crawl, then 100 yard lunge walk and closing with a lap.
MARY: 30x Big Boy sit-ups, flutter kicks, LBCs. 20x fire hydrants and donkey kicks.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Train and sign up for the corn hole tournament, The Grunt Veterans Day weekend.
COT: Encouraged PAX to share one’s worries with someone else to get them out in the open and lessen their burden, and to find and make time for those things that bring joy and delight.

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