Marathon Workout

DATE: 2022-10-11
AO: Atlantis
Q: True North
PAX: True North, Infinity, Chuck Taylor
FNGs: Husky
WARMUP: 26x hurdler stretch, 42x side straddle hops
THE THANG: Mosey to the dock. PAX guess the minutes of the Guiness World Record holder for fastest marathon dressed as a ______. Examples – plant (poppy), viking, clown, Elvis (female), cartoon character (charlie brown), star wars character (x-wing pilot), telephone box, mythical creature (unicorn), etc.
If minutes are “close enough” (as determined by the Q), arm circles for # of reps = the minutes. If not, and the time is 0-10 min, burpees; 11-20min, dolphin crunches; 21-30min, merkins; 31-40min, american hammers; 41-50min, freddy mercuries; 51-59min, plank hold seconds. DORA-type exercises to the end of the dock between each.

MARY: nada
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Veterans Day-ish event
COT: Keep getting up. Check out the story of Dorando Pietri for a crazy story at the 1908 Summer Olympics, where the modern marathon distance (42.195 km) was defined. While he didn’t win the gold medal in 1908 and it was given to Johnny Hayes, he beat Johnny Hayes every subsequent time they raced!

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