Lunge Track Burpee Merkins – Craziness

DATE: 2022-10-07
AO: Sparta
Q: Zeus
PAX: Peanuts, Hightower, Pop Fly
FNGs: F3 DR PAX Crack
WARMUP: Warm up exercises at stations while fellowship jog around school. Sets of bear crawls followed by lung walks mixed in. 40 yard suicide run. One set of stadium stairs in the dark.
THE THANG: Two lunges burpee drop to two Merkins and burpee recover to feet and repeat. Completed over half of track until time ran out. MARY: Ring of fire LBC’s. 10 LBC’s each man for a total of 50. ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt, Turkey Trot, Corn haul.
COT: There’s been a number of deaths of men in their early 50’s lately. Recently a well known Gospel musician friend of mine was found dead in his home Brooklynn home he was 50 years of age. A week later a well known Comedian 54 years old died in his home. Both died of heart disease. Continue to exercise your heart. Make sure you see your Doctor. Follow up on test and get an understanding on what you need to do concerning your health. Exercise your mind with positive thoughts. Check on one another and be kind to one another. We never know what someone is going through and if it may be the last time you talk or see that person. Amen

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