The Gladiator @ The Patriot

DATE: 2022-07-22
AO: Patriot
Q: CableGuy
PAX: Jag, Big Short, bogey, Flipper, Anchor Man, Spokes, Ice Tea, Patchouli, Legacy, Booking, Roadkill FNGs: Bono
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, WM Hayes, Down Dog, Fellowship Lap THE THANG: two of em:
Thang 1:
Bear crawl to the 10 – jog back
Bear crawl to the 30 – jog back
Bear crawl to the 50 – hold
Crawl bear to the 40 – jog back
Crawl bear to the 20 – jog back
Crawl bear to the goal line – jog back to the 50
Thang 2: The Gladiator
Pax assembled with coupons around the mid field circle, with two 45-lb plates in the center. Each drew a ticket. This became the exercise for their ‘station.’ This was a series of timed movements with a counter clockwise rotation of one position, per completion of the timer. That timer was The Gladiator, the man in the middle: take a plate in each hand, run the circle, lead the PAX in 10 side straddle hops, rotate to the next person. We got in just north of one round with Bono, Patchouli, Big Short and YHC playing the Gladiator twice. MARY: LBC, Nolan Ryan, Toy Soldier
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stair climb not far off.
COT: Today we did a mini-Q school covering the basics of counting and timing the workout. In COT we talked through the 3 F’s and the core principles of F3. Personally, I love it. Bone EH’d me before I finally bit and I was all in from day one. I love the accountability, the shared suffering and the form of leadership needed here that manifests in serving others. SYI many more G’s!

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