Hoops Dreams

DATE: 2022-07-12
AO: Delphi
Q: Hightower
PAX: Juneau, Hightower, Nano, Peanuts, YNAB, Ron Inman (Shogun) FNGs: DR PAX Tortuga
General stretching and warm up.

Jog down to athletic field and sprint back up to parking lot.
Shuttle run on basketball court: foul line, mid court, far foul line, opposite end line.
Drill #1: PAX dribbles full court layup, return layup. Before he starts gives exercise for rest of PAX, until both layups complete. Shuttle run round 2
Drill #2: dribble with jump shot, PAX exercise
Shuttle run round 3
Split group into teams of 3 vs 4 full court hoops.

Quick round of flutter kicks.

Need more guys to sign up for upcoming Q’s. Many thanks to the same guys that continue to step up and Q!

Jocko Willink: Discipline equals Freedom

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