Top Secret 6

DATE: 2022-05-28
AO: Sandlot
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: citrus, Lazlo, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Toolbox, Moneyball, Michael (Bronco) FNGs: Attaché
Eight PAX embarked on a secret journey this A.M. at #thesandlot. To believe the feats of epic excellence that occurred, one would have to have actually been there. The following is a very loose account of what happened. Remember, it’s top secret.

WARMUP: Yes, and it included the SSH, IW, WMH, Cherry Pickers, LBACs front, back and seal clap.

THE THANG: Head over the rollbar for some down and backs culminating in a whole lot of Absolutions! Men, this was tough business.

Once finished, back over the rollbar for some traveling. The PAX moseyed here and there and through the Bearmuda triangle. Several crashed along the way, but their brothers were there to pick them up. Well done for this phase.

Cool down included a quick game of F3 Kickball. Bears rules. ‘Nuf said.

MARY: Oh, there’s always something about Mary, and the PAX all participated in a flapjack fashion. H/T @Lazlo for reminding YHC that this was an hour-long workout. Check.

1. The Murph 0700 on Monday, May 30. Google Map RAC Field. Pull-up bars are on the tennis courts immediately adjacent.
2. F3TheCapital picnic 1100-1500 Monday, May 30 at Lake Accotink Park. Google Map Lake Accotink Park.
3. The Capital Challenge is coming! 8 beatdowns in 7 days – June 5-11. Watch Slack for deets.
4. And finally, F3TheCapital 4-Year Anniversary Convergence 0700, Saturday, June 18 at Roosevelt Island. Google Map Theodore Roosevelt Island.

COT: Leadership comes in many flavors, and it’s important to stress your leadership skills in different ways. Always look for ways to accelerate your life so that you can become a better father, son, husband, brother, friend or crazy uncle — whatever your role at any particular time might be!


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