Michael Quin WOD honoring his service and ultimate sacrifice

DATE: 2022-05-21
AO: Freestate
Q: Deagle
PAX: CashOnly, ShowMe, Horshack, Dungeon Master (Amon), Wildcat, Riot FNGs: Elsa, Po, Cannoli, Novocaine
– SSH x 25 IC
– Hill Billies x 10 IC
– Windmills x 10 IC
– Shoulder Taps x 10 IC
– Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
– 2 Laps w/ Karaoke on the sides
– Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

Divide into teams of 3 HIMs (2 HIM teams may be added depending on total PAX) · 100 Meter Sprint (1 football field length)
· 100 Meter Fireman Carry (2 Pax carry Pax 1) (NOTE: For teams of 3, rotate the “carried” pax each round….each pax should be carried twice. For teams of 2, alternate carries.) · 28 Iron Mikes
· 28 Merkins
· 28 Big Boi Sit-ups
· Low Crawl 50 Meters
· Bear Crawl 50 Meters
· 100 Meter Sprint
· **REPEAT 5 Rounds

• 1F: Murph WOD Memorial Day (Mon May 30)
• 2F: Family Picnic (Mon, May 30)
• Anniversary Convergence (June 18 at Teddy Roosevelt)
• Harpers Ferry Ruck & Tubing (Date TBD)
• Sept 11 Stair Climb (Sun 9/11)
• The Grunt Veterans Day Weekend
• March 2023 GrowRuck DC

• Michael Quin served our country in the USMC for 6 years, losing his life in a tragic helicopter crash AT THE AGE OF 28 while on a training mission in prep for deployment to Afghanistan on February 22, 2012
• Michael graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2006, was a graduate of Loudoun Valley High School and was an avid Soccer player and played rugby while at the US Naval Academy.
• Michael completed multiple Marine Corps marathons, one of which he ran in honor of one of his rugby coaches who lost his life while serving in Iraq.
• Michael is survived by his Dad Brad Quin, Mother Betsy Quin, his sisters Sarah and Phoebe, and fiancée.

• Mike’s Mom from last year- “What a lovely gesture on F3’s part. Michael would truly appreciate this. He was always ready to encourage others through a tough time.
• I remember one Marine Corps Marathon where he turned around and ran backwards til he found a buddy who was struggling and they ran the rest of the race together.
So, I am thinking of all your group, doing this WOD right now. What a way to start your day”

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