Rotating stations

DATE: 2022-05-03
AO: General
Q: Booking
PAX: 2 percent, citrus, Traveler, Toolbox, Trolley, Hard Knox FNGs: IC Light
WARMUP: SSH, Windmills, Hill Billy, Cherry pickers, michael Phelps, merkins
THE THANG: Dips, step ups, box jumps, calf raises then head to field. PAX broke into 3 groups. Group 1 ran a lap around track abscess timer, group 2 did 15 merkins, plank jacks, monkey humpers, SSH, group 3 did 15 hand release merkins, mountain climbers, BW squats, SSH. Do various means if transportation bw station 2 and 3. Completed 3-4 complete rounds. MARY: flutter kicks, Freddy mercuries, dirty dog, mule kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: sandlot new AO meets Saturday 7 am, bone a thon, various Memorial Day events, see Trolly about blood drive at Calvary Methodist
COT: be grateful for your blessings. Your frustrating job is the dream of the unemployed. Your house is dream of the homeless. Your smile dream of the Depressed. Be grateful

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