12 is the magic number

DATE: 2022-04-20
AO: Patriot
Q: citrus
PAX: Lazlo, Bone, Maj. Payne, Roadkill, Shake ‘N’ Bake, CableGuy, Legacy, Spokes, Wedding Singer, Ice Tea, Lucius FNGs: None
WARMUP: Sundry movements, like WMH, IW, cherry pickers, arm circles, world’s greatest stretch, etc.

PART 1: Start on the goal line. Murder bunny 10 yards, 1 bent-over row. Repeat to the other goal line, increasing by 1 row each time. Rifle carry to the 50, 5 more row. Farmers carry back to the goal line.

PART 2: Lt Webbs (combo of Lt Dan and Jack Webbs)
Increase by 1/4 each round, until 10/40:
* 1 squat
* 1 merkin
* 4 air press
* 4 lunges
* Run the rest of the way to the 50 or goal line

PART 3: Ultimate frisbee. Because we had exactly 12 PAX we had 2 teams, instead of 3 teams with one group doing stair runs while the other 2 teams played. Well done, men. 2 burpees for a drop. Scoring team leads in a Mary-like exercise. Final score: 1-1.

MARY: Flutter kicks and LBCs from ultimate. American hammers and various Wedding Singer-led stretching.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: #boneathon in May

COT: Inspired by @hightower – we have to do the work first, then we can kick back and have fun.

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