Farm & Field Time

DATE: 2022-03-22
AO: Delphi
Q: Rambler
PAX: Glee, Pop Fly, Dunder, Hoolihan, YNAB, Ashe, Juneau, Nano FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Cherry Squat, WMH, Michael Phelps, Leg / Arm Stretch
THE THANG: 1. Move the feed – 25# bag throw from the knees – shoulder press toss to your partner and work down the field – moving by bear crawl. Return is the same setup but with walking lunges. 2. Get the corn to market 2x. With a partner run the buckets full of corn down the field and back. While waiting the PAX complete continuous hill billies, carolina dry docks, or squat twists. 3. Pass the calf. Wall sit arm length distance. Hold one 25# bag above the head between two PAX. Count to 10 and move down the line. Continue until the bag is completely down the line. 4. Save the barn. Fireline around the field with 25# bags.
MARY: Gifts to the Q. Each PAX offers their gift mary. Gold stars to @nano and @glee for 47 reps. ANNOUNCEMENTS: None provided.
COT: Some of you know I had major brain surgery back in 2001. The first diagnosis was that I had 5 years of good life and maybe 10 years total to live. Great news – the diagnosis was wrong – but that event changed my life. It’s my birthday – another year that I was told I wouldn’t’ have. I don’t wish that scare on anyone – but I count myself lucky to have had that happen to me – to get my priorities square and not to be afraid to push harder for what I want and to also live more in alignment to who I am.
It has brought me an incredible journey with a beautiful family, accomplishments at work and most recently the fellowship, relationships and improved health through this group. I have many things I struggle with and continuing to work on – like my issues with anger and being a fully engaged husband and father. It’s my birthday – 47 years of life completed – year 48 underway. Blessed to be here; blessed to have the year ahead; and blessed to have you guys in my life. So to you all I say thank you. Poem: Time Is Swift Pluck the rose while blooming;
Now ’tis fresh and bright;
Wait not till to-morrow;
Time is swift in flight.

Do thy deeds of kindness
Ere to-morrow’s light;
What may come, we know not;
Time is swift in flight.

Would’st thou make life useful.
Work before ’tis night;
Else thou’lt be regretting.
Time is swift in flight.

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