Presidents Day – A West Side Story

DATE: 2022-02-21
AO: Patriot
Q: Jenner
PAX: CableGuy, Ice Tea, Vila, Faceplant, Obadiah, Flipper, Wedding Singer FNGs: None
WARMUP: Side Straddle Hops, High Knees, then mosey over to the stadium while tossing the volleyball for some Imperial Walkers, Windmills, and Merkins.

Moseyed on towards Knights of Columbus. Catch the volleyball if thrown to you, name a President that hasn’t been named yet, and then toss the ball to another PAX. Do a burpee every time the ball hits the ground or there is a repeat.

If the Horizon crew is seen ahead of us, drop and do a burpee then sprint up to them.

Mosey around Knights of Columbus and come up on the backside of the parking lot.

THE THANG: Line up to prepare for a battle against Horizon, aka the Sharks. A Pax from each side will meet in the middle where sides will alternate pulling an exercise card from the pile and calling the first round. Afterwards, the second PAX will call the second round perhaps putting a bit of spin or flare on it, i.e. one more rep, doing it with hand release, etc.

Start off with bear crawl and Jenner from the Jets went first against Popfly from the Sharks went second. Bear crawl through the other gang, turn around with flair, and bear crawl back giving the other gang a glare. Popfly added a twist by having the gangs bear crawl 5 forward, 2 back and then staying on the other side (he wanted to give up his turf he had established earlier).

There were some great exercises and twists. One included the shuttle run relay and then a sprint relay where the Jets were outnumbered by the Sharks and their little Sharklet 2.0s, but still had enough gas to fly through the finish line both times.

There were some pretty beast twists. Such as Obidiah’s attempt to one-up Roddick’s Carolina Dry Docks with… Hand Release Carolina Dry Docks! And 2 Percent’s Bonnie Blairs with a Merkin xInfiinty.

MARY: Taken care of with two long rounds of flutter kicks and shoulder taps (1 with plank jacks thrown in).

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Second Annual Shenanigames will be held again on March. 17th this time at The Highlands and be opt-in for other AOs with Thursday workouts.

COT: The Westside story brought out some of the worst between the Jets and the Sharks because they were too concerns on each others differences. Since its President’s Day, we need to think of the leadership it takes to unite everyone and to reconcile those differences and to instead concentrate on each others similarities. That is what will make us great.

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