The Grind

DATE: 2022-02-06
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Old Bay, Infinity, Jenner, Vila, Kodiak, Magoo, CableGuy FNGs: None
WARMUP: Ruck off (10 Reps each Exercise)

Side straddle hops
Arm circles (10 fwd/10 back)
Cherry picker
Lateral Lunges

THE THANG: 5+mile Ruck

Stop 1

Start at one end of a 50 yard distance
1 Ruck thruster
Move to the opposite end (fast ruck or shuffle)
1 Ruck on Burpee
Return to start point (fast ruck or shuffle)
2 Ruck thruster
Move to the opposite end
2 ruck on burpees
Return to start point
Continue adding one repetition each time until 10 at each end.

Stop 2 – Arms

1. Ruck curl x 10
2. Ruck overhead press x 10
3. Ruck Swing x 10
4. Ruck Chest Press
5. Ruck bent over row x 10 (keep your back straight bending at the hips) 6. Ruck overhead tricep extension x10
7. Ruck around the worlds x 10

Stop 3 – Legs

1. Ruck squat x 10
2. Ruck lunges x 10 (4 count/10 with each leg)
3. Ruck Ground to overhead x 10
4. Ruck side lunge x 10 (4 count/10 with each leg – ruck out in front) 5. Ruck calf raises
6. Ruck squats x 10
7. Ruck squats x 10

Stop 4 – Abs

1. Flutter kicks x 20 (4 count)
2. LBCs x 20
3. Ruck sit-ups x 10 (World War 2 with ruck on front)
4. One-minute plank (no ruck)
5. Ruck pull throughs x 10

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ARC Feb 19. GTE 26 Mar 25-27. Be there!

COT: Shared suffering creates strong bonds between men, and those bonds are the base that leadership is built upon. Push yourself to do something harder than you think you can accomplish and you’ll go farther than ever before.

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