Parking Lot-ta Loops!

DATE: 2022-01-19
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Rocketman
FNGs: None
Football field warm up run
15x Plank: hands, shoulders, knees, toes
10x Left/Right leg – side stretch
10x Side straddle hops
10x mountain climbers
10x don quijote
10x Forward lunges: Left/Right

Parking Lot Loops
Loop 1 & 2
15x Big boy Sit-ups
15x merkins with shoulder taps
Frog Jump + Burpee + shuffle back – repeat 10x

Loop 3 & 4
25x Flutter kicks
15x carolina dog
15x side hammer sit-up
5 left/right forward lunges + 5 burpees + shuffle back – repeat 2x

MARY: stretching
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck training TBD: Possibly Friday 1/21 ~ 8/8:30PM COT: Great health!!

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