worst anniversary ever

DATE: 2022-01-06
AO: Mountvernon
Q: Winklevoss
PAX: Fonda
FNGs: Miller Time, Woodshop, Bus Stop, Ultimate Warrior, Churchill COUNT: 7
WARMUP: Track was not usable today (no Stairway – denied!) so we did the official #MountVernon warmup – 2 laps, 20 IC SSH, IW, Don Quixote, Windmill.

THE WORKOUT: parking lot shuttle runs

– 6 hold plank while 1 carries ruck overhead down & back & does 5 squats. Go down the line alternating plank with Al Gore (squat hold).
– Repeat swapping in suitcase carry/overhead press & mountain climber/LBCs for exercises and go down the line – lunge down, bearcrawl halfway back, duck walk
– 15 monkey humper + 3 shuttle runs
– 15 push ups, run, 15 push ups, 15 hindu squats, run back
– 25 IC Ozzy Osbourne + 25 seal clap + final 20 pushups to make 50

MARY: one time around the circle – seated rows, bicycle, leg-arm extensions, protractor, ronaldos, these (ankle taps). 2 lap cool down

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Miller Time was kind enough to bring back 40 lbs of Wisconsin mozzarella cheese bricks to share. I’ve got 4 lbs chillin in my fridge right now for make-your-own-pizza-Friday
COT: usual parking lot banter – snow days, kids not in school, hybrid work schedules, cheese

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