New Year, Same Team

DATE: 2022-01-01
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Pep Talk, Hightower, Pop Fly, Spokes, Yard Sale, Bone, Faceplant, Rambler, YNAB, Ashe, Spit Valve FNGs: Bubbles
Yes in the light rain

Split into 3, (4) PAX teams

Station 1: sprint across field, bear crawl to end then 3 burpees. Bear crawl, and sprint back Station 2: air squats until runner returns
Station 3: merkins until station 2 open
Station 4: hold plank until station 3 opens
PAX that starts in station 4 rings bell once he completes all 4 stations. Rinse & repeat for 3 rounds.
Team 1 beat out team 3, followed by team 2. All finished strong.

Recovery, then split into Yellow Pennies vs Non Pennies teams for Handball. Final score: Yellow Pennies 1 to Non Pennies 4, yes Yellow team won!

Short rounds of core to complete Mary

Thank you SpitValve for posting with us all week.
Great to have Bone and Spokes post with us.
Welcome FNG Bubbles!

New Year goal, find opportunities to increase the Suck. Our small tribe grows stronger when we get through struggles together. Happy New Year and congratulations to F3, 11 years Strong!

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