Finish Strong

DATE: 2021-12-18
AO: Olympus
Q: El Camino
PAX: Pop Fly, Popeyes, Hightower, Roddick, Ashe, citrus, Nano, Zeus, Toolbox FNGs: None
COUNT: 10 strong
WARMUP: Limbering up the spine and legs. Seated/standing stretches, lunges, karaoke, high knees… capped with a half mile “fartlick” run–jogging the curves and sprinting the straightaways.

THE THANG: 2x Zig-zag the length of the field (half single leg hopping, half bear crawl), then 20 hand-release burpees… followed by the fun finish of 25min flag football! EC few burpees for drops or bad passes thrown and 5 burpees/ea. if your team didn’t score.
Bad guys won with @Citrus channeling Richard Sherman in his prime on the break for the pivital pick-6 Play of the game! “Runner” up as @Hightower pointed out, was definitely Zeus channeling The Bus-meets-Beast Mode.

MARY: Brief squat jumps + flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wreath volunteer event this AM! Peets.
COT: Tis the season to celebrate Jesus’ birth, but we get squeezed by all the busy to-do’s before the new year. How do we finish the year strong amidst all the noise and personal [sometimes unforeseen] obstacles that can burden us? Let’s pursue opportunities to reflect and discern direction, so that the Gift remains greater than the struggle, and we can finish strong.

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