Q Schhol

DATE: 2021-12-15
AO: Compound
Q: Hightower
PAX: Pep Talk, Jag, Hightower, Madoff, Obadiah, Roddick, Yardbird, Popeyes FNGs: None
Laps around field to warmup. General stretches to get started.


After a fellowship jog around the field, PAX lined up on goal line. Explained suggestion for counting: single, cadence and feedback for improvement AAR.

Bear crawl ladder climb:
10 yards, stop for 10 burpees, AAR
10 yards, stop for 20 Merkin, AAR
10 yards, stop for 30 SSH, AAR

IntroCircle each PAX enters the circle, shares personal information & what motivates him to come out to Gloom. Then he runs own exercise, group provides AAR for improvement. Next PAX, rinse & repeat.

Next Exercise is …
Starting position, Move
In cadence, Exercise

Round robin Mary

2F bowling Thurs
3F Spread wreathes Sat

Thankful for what we have living in No VA. Xmas is coming, less than 2 weeks. Prayers for PAX and their families for the holidays.

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