Quick Game of Cards Anyone?

DATE: 2021-12-11
AO: Basilica
Q: Rambler
PAX: Jag, Natty B’oh, JoelDoolin, Bones
FNGs: Brick, Kiwi, Shank
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, Three Point Toe Touch, Cherry Picker, Arm Circles
THE THANG: Fire line from basilica to schoolyard – included 2 breaks with 3 point squats and calf raises. Once at schoolyard, HIMs randomly selected playing cards and determined both the exercise options (squat/jump, burpee, Carolina dry dock, coupon overhead press, coupon BBS) and repetitions. 30 yard alternating bear crawl and crawl bear for about 25 yards with returns including a quick forward or backward jog. Hold with Al Gore while awaiting return of the 6 to begin next cars selection. After COT fellowship jog back to basilica for intentions. MARY: LBC. Scissor Kick. BBS.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: F2 Bowling (Thu), F3 Wreath Laying (Sat). #basilica and #olympus closed Xmas am.
COT: Holidays can be difficult for some; keep them in your mind; reach out and be kind.

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