Thanksgiving Travel

DATE: 2021-11-24
AO: Olympus
Q: Rambler
PAX: Hightower, swish, I-Beam, Zeus, Yard Sale, Lightyear, Sheldon FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Seated 3 Point Stretch, Plank/Ankle Stretch, Cherry Pickers
THE THANG: (1) Tri-State Travel (a) Run North Side bleachers with coupon – 1 burpee between stairs (b) Run South Side bleachers – 3 burpees between stairs (c) Down Olympus Stairs / Storm the Hill – 4 burpees between the stair climbs. (2) Fireline 300 Yards. MARY: Each PAX picked a Mary event. Naturally started with some Squat / Jumps. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Turkey Trot, Wreath Laying
COT: Thoughts on those that struggle with the holidays – not every one has good memories around this time of year – keep these folks in your thoughts and reach out where you can.

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