Too many Blockies…

DATE: 2021-11-27
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Horshack, Deagle, ShowMe
FNGs: Butter, Sprinkles, Sherlock, IronMan (FNG)
25 SSHs IC
15 Swingbillies IC
15 Mountain climbers IC
4×10 Arm Circles IC
2 laps around the blacktop, Carioca on the sides
15 windmills IC
15 out/back Frankensteins
15 cherry pickers IC

Jacob’s Super Seven Shoulder Ladder

Coupons placed at the top and bottom of the hill, half the Pax starts at top and half at the bottom

Pax all complete the following exercises (with coupon) + an equal number of blockies then switch positions

1 Top: Overhead press Bottom: Forward lunge (with coupon overhead)
2 Top: Grave Diggers Bottom: Deep squat (with coupon overhead)
3 Top: Incline mirkins Bottom: Bonnie Blair (with coupon overhead)
4 Top: Decline mirkins Bottom: Side lunge (with coupon overhead)
5 Top: Traveling mirkins Bottom: Toe Raises (with coupon overhead)
6 Top: Dips Bottom: Squats (with coupon overhead)
7 Top: Curls Bottom: High knees (with coupon overhead)

Century Climb: PAX completes 100 total ascents of hill

Free throw burpees: All shoot three free throws. Pax performs one burpee for every missed shot

15 x leg lift rosalitas IC
15 x X-factors IC
Plank-o-rama 10 count with Travoltas for the sides IC
Flutter series
10 flutters IC
10 Dying cockroaches IC
10 flutters
10 freddy mercuries IC
10 flutters

Next Saturday we’ll clean up FreeState Rd (Adopt a Road)
We’ll also have Yoga session by Butter


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