A Brave New World

DATE: 2021-11-05
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Fish Fry, 3 mile, Poe, Old Bay, sticks
FNGs: @Attache
Today was pretty selfish. But I gave a little gift to myself. Making the suck a lot less by talking for 45 minutes about my team winning the World Series. Did I feel bad doing it with a few Nats fans among the PAX? Yes. And no. But mostly no.

WARMUP: SSH, Imperial walkers, copperhead squats, Michael Phelps, cherry pickers, hillbillies

Mosey to the baseball field, pickup coupons along the way.

Starting at 1st base, 11 coupon thrusters (the number of postseason wins this year for the Braves, the most in the league I believe)
Mosey to 2nd base, 16 jump squats (the number of postseason appearances for the Braves since their last WS title, a record) Mosey to 3rd base, 26 hillbillies (years since their last WS title)
Mosey home for 5 Absolutions (Freddie Freeman’s jersey number, and the number of HRs he hit in the WS)
Repeat 3x for each WS title in franchise history. Changed 3rd base exercise each round.

Next: Field of Dreams. PAX split into 4 groups. At first base, curls until relieved. At second, BWS until relieved. At third, flutter kicks until relieved. At home, do burpees then run to first to relieve that group (and do curls until relieved).
For each round, PAX did 1, 4, and 6 burpees as the timer, in honor of WS MVP Jorge Soler’s go-ahead HRs in games 1, 4 and 6.
Mosey with blocks back to the turf. Acknowledge the underappreciated bullpen. Do 13 blockies for each of Tyler Matzek’s appearances in 16 postseason games.

Then four full-field runs, alternating 80% and sprint. Roughly 446 yards, which is different than 446 feet, but that’s how long Soler’s HR was, when he literally hit it out of the stadium.

MARY: Ring of Fire. Each PAX did 5 Merkins. Next round, 3 diamond Merkins. This was for the 53 runs scored against the Braves in the postseason. Next round, 6 dry docks. Then 4 Peter Parkers, for the 64 runs scored by the Braves this postseason.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt, Turkey Trot, the 1000

COT: The Q looked for an inspiring quote from Bobby Cox. Turns out he never really said anything inspiring. Great coach, though. So the Q just talked about the long drought and how it makes you appreciate what you have today. It might be gone tomorrow and you don’t know when it’ll be back.

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