Not Andrew Luck

DATE: 2021-10-28
AO: Highlands
Q: 2 percent
PAX: Booking, Speedo, Trolley
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Hill Billy’s, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Willy Mays Hays, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Kobra Kai
THE THANG: the Pax completed multiple exercises based on whether or not they were able to toss an inflatable inner tube onto a parking cone. No one succeeded and zero points were awarded. Then we moved to sets and reps of exercises that were determined by rolling giant lawn dice. I am very tired and just want to go to bed but I need to write this so Paxminder doesn’t Pax shame me for the month of October. DM if you want the full details of the workout. MARY: Nolan Ryan’s
ANNOUNCEMENTS: the Grunt 11/6
COT: quotes about luck. None of which came from Andrew.

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