Who Needs a Break?

DATE: 2021-10-26
AO: Delphi
Q: I-Beam
PAX: Zeus, Pop Fly, Rambler, Nano, Dunder, Hoolihan
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH x 25, Burpees x 5, SSH x 20, Burpees x 4, SSH x 15, Burpees x 3, SSH x 10, Burpees x 2, SSH x 5, Burpee
THE THANG: PAX brought their coupons to the goal line and were instructed to complete exercise until rep count completed or failure, at which point they were to notify group they needed a break. If any PAX needed a break, all PAX stopped exercise and ran to midfield for 25 Big Boy Sit-ups. PAX would run back to coupon and resume exercise count until all reps completed. Once PAX had completed reps, they ran to midfield for 25 Big Boy Sit-ups.

50 x Goblet Squat
50 x Overhead Press
50 x Kettle Bell Swings
50 x Flutter Kick with Coupon in Press Position
50 x Curls

Bonus round: Wall sits and 2 rounds of passing the coupon one end to the other and back

MARY: Yes but no big boy sit-ups
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Waste pickup at #olympus. The Grunt is coming, as well as a backpacking trip and Turkey Trot. COT: Don’t be afraid to humble yourself and ask for help when you need it

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