Traveling Coupon

DATE: 2021-10-19
AO: Delphi
Q: Nano
PAX: Nano, YNAB, Dunder, Hoolihan, Joint Chief, Rambler, Zeus, I-Beam, Bluegrass FNGs: None

WARMUP: SSH, air squats, over head claps, LBAC, Willie Mays Haze, Downward dogs, Carolina’s Dry Docks
THE THANG: The packs lined up at midfield In two lines, with one coupon at the end of both lines. The man with the coupon did the coupon exercise while the rest of the packs did the other exercise. After doing the CB exercise the PAX ran to the goal line and back. Meanwhile the coupon was passed to the next PAX on the team until everyone was done and then the next exercise was started. Two rounds were completed; in round two the number of CB exercises doubled. The CB exercises / Non-CB exercises included:

* 10 Curls / Air squats
* 10 Bent over rows / reverse lunges
* 10 CB Swings / Merkins
* 10 Overhead press / Jump squats
* 3 Blockies / Lunges
Repeat with numbers doubled

MARY: The PAX moved over to the wall for some:
* big boi sit-ups with legs at 90 degrees.
* Big boi sit-ups with wall touch for each
* Feet on wall reverse pickle pounders

COT: There is no secret to achieving meaning and fulfillment in your life. The key is to find ways to serve others doing the things you enjoy the most. Therefore, find what you love and figure out how you can do it and serve others. It can take a lifetime to figure out what that is for you, so get started now!

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