The Scenic Route

DATE: 2021-10-19
AO: Atlantis
Q: Rogue
PAX: Deflator, True North, Infinity, Hammerhead
FNGs: Wilson (DR PAX)
WARMUP: SSH, Pendulums, No Surrenders, Dolphin Claps, Hand Kicks, Vitruvian Mans

Merkins and Scout Run
Indian Run to Stadium
Dora at stadium
Stairs and Merkins
200 cumulative
Breather: Don Quixotes and Dog Paddlers
Up tempo mosey around AO with Merkins to starting point

MARY: Sweat Angels, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Six Inches

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Fridays at Atlantis are on, see you at 0600

COT: The letter of St. James chapter 3 refers to the power of the tongue; it is like a rudder that steers a great ship or a spark that can set a forest ablaze. In a world of twenty-four hour news cycles, social media, “reality” TV, an unhealthy appetite for sports and entertainment, and one political controversy after another, our lives are inundated with empty, vain, and often destructive speech. This passage from St. James is an exhortation for myself and others to be those who guard our thoughts and our speech; to speak carefully, thoughtfully, with wisdom, and truth at the right time. May we put into practice a few principles our grandfathers and great-grandfathers knew: the art of silence and the lost wisdom that words matter. Let us go against the current of our culture and work hard to disciple our speech in the same ways we disciple our bodies and set that example for our families and communities and show the better way of life.

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