Cards (and stairs) with Humanity

DATE: 2021-10-15
AO: Atlantis
Q: Riot
PAX: Infinity, Deflator, Rogue
FNGs: None

Side straddle hops – 15
Cherry pickers – 10
Hillbilly Walkers – 15
Windmills – 15
Michael Phelps – 20


Mosey to pier
Mirkens – 15
Mountain climbers – 20
Squats – 25
Arm claps – 20

Mosey to stairs

Rules of the game:
Each Pax takes turns pulling cards. Numbered cards mean all pax must run the stairs the number of times corresponding to the number pulled (ex: pull a six, go up and down 3 times etc…). For face cards, Ace – 10 count. King – Pax pulling the card does 10 burpees all other pax plank. Queen – Pax pulling card planks all other pax do 10 burpees. Jack – all pax do 20 squats.

Mosey back with a 20 second plank-o-rama


American hammers – 20
LBCs – 20
Freddy Mercuries – 20
Flutter kicks – 20
Downward dog into Cobra Kai

COT: Three months ago, YHC didn’t believe that something like F3 could exist (free? all volunteer???) and certainly didn’t think he would be out here in the gloom running up and down stairs at 6am. Now, I can’t imagine life without it. I’m grateful for the impact it has had and I look forward to SYITG.

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