Silent Morning

DATE: 2021-10-09
AO: Basilica
Q: Rambler
PAX: JoelDoolin
FNGs: Milkman, Dive Bar, Bones, Mercury
WARMUP: Shuffle to Park, SSH, General Stretch
THE THANG: Long count flutter kicks, fire line with weights around the park, bear crawls with weight movement, 3 team stations of team member 1 run with weight to other side of park (timer) – team member 2 complete exercise. Repeat 3 times. Exercises for three stations included squats, burpees, merkins. MARY: LBCs, Big Boy Sit Ups, penguins, shuffle back to Basillica ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt, Hike, Turkey Trot
COT: Individual prayer / reflection by HIM

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