DATE: 2021-10-02
AO: Olympus
Q: Yard Sale
PAX: Rambler, Zeus, Popeyes, Glee, YNAB, Joint Chief
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Side Strattle Hop, Michael Phelps, Little Baby Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Willy Maze Haze, Downward Dog
THE THANG: Partner up starting from one endzone – One partner does Blockies while the other partner runs to the other endzone. Blockies count increases by 5 every 10 yard line. Murder bunny to the next 10 yard line. When partner runs back, switch out to run while partner does the remaining blockies at for current yard line.

Once complete, partners go to opposite ends of the 50 yard line and create 2 new teams on respective side. One person at a time on both teams murder bunnies to the center, places their block down, bear crawls back, while teammates does blockies. Repeat till both teams done

Game of Ketchup – One person at a time on both teams sprints around the football field back to their team while teammates do squats. Try to catch the other team. Do until both teams are done.

MARY: In Cadence – 50 LBCs, 40 Penguin Taps, 20 Suzanne Summers (Both Sides), 30 Pickle Pounders, 20 Flutter Kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt – November 13th | Start at 7am
COT: Don’t be fueled by motivation, be fueled by drive and discipline.

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