Between the Cones

DATE: 2021-09-13
AO: Patriot
Q: Spokes
PAX: Lucius, Lazlo, My Space, Wedding Singer, Big Short, CableGuy, Vila, Maj. Payne, Roadkill, 2 percent, Booking, Mayberry FNGs: Shake and Bake
WARMUP: Lap, Cherry Pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, Downward Dog, Worlds Greatest Stretch, Side Straddle Hop, Lap
THE THANG: 3 cones with coupons carry to each cone while group runs a lap. Each cone had 3 exercises 5-10-20 including burpees, squrls, body weight squats, alternating push ups, lunges, kettle bell swings, curls, overhead presses, and rows. MARY: LBCs, Flutter Kick, American Hammer, Supermans

COT: COT: We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit.

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