Musical Chairs with a twist

DATE: 2021-09-04
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Horshack, Deagle, Magoo, Forest, Riot, CashOnly
FNGs: ShowMe (FNG)
SSH, Imperial Walkers, Goofball, Arm Circles, Sit Throughs, Cherry Pickers, Windmills

Musical Chairs with a twist…
• All yolk walks until music ends
• When stops, 3 without a station with exercises are setting the pace – coupon-a-side with bunny murder. The rest are working out per exercises at each station (5-5-5)

Jacob ladder, counting 100 up hills collectively

Reverse Crunches, Leg Lift Rosalita, Outlaws, Plank-o-rama, Freddie Mercury + Flutters

Courtesy of @Horshack…
Iron Pax Challenge
9/11 Stair Climb challenge
Sept 16th – Thirsty 3rd Thursday at the Inn at Glen Echo at 6:30p 1st Saturdays – October 2nd – Adopt a Road clean up
Friday October 15 – Rafting convergence at the Upper Yough
F3’s 10 Year Anniversary Oct 8-10

Emphasized the importance of COT, as part of F3 core values

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