3 Round Knockout

DATE: 2021-08-25
AO: Compound
Q: Booking
PAX: Nano, Zeus, Roddick, Hightower, 2 percent, Obadiah, Yard Sale, Stallion, Switch, Popeyes, Rambler, swish FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Windmills, Cherry pickers, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, Downward dog/ Cobra Kai
THE THANG: Mosey around the field, PAX partnered up. One partner ran sideline to sideline while the other partner did the below and then they switched to get to a cumulative count as follows: (hold plank until everyone done with each round)

Round one:
100 Merkins
200 Body weight squats

Round 2:
100 Big Boy Sit ups
200 Front/ Back hops (2 count)

Round 3:
50 Burpees
100 Forward lunges

Co Q (Hightower) led the PAX to the hill where each PAX ran up and down the hill while the others did squats. This was done twice. MARY: Flutter Kicks, Ring of Fire (planks)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stair climb coming up, see Slack for information on 9/11 climb T shirt COT: Prayers for the group, our families and those in harms’ way in Afghanistan

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