Sprint Down the Ladder

DATE: 2021-08-17
AO: General
Q: Traveler
PAX: Maj. Payne, Toolbox, Trolley, Fairweather, petro
FNGs: DR PAX The Tickler (Greenville) and DR PAX from Raleigh, Bench, Blue Cheese, FNG Buttah COUNT: 11
Mosey around the perimeter of the field. Intersperse butt kickers, high knees, arm circles, Michael Phelps, BWS, Willie Mays Hayes, and “the fence hop.”

Move down the field, completing the same number of reps of a specified exercise as the yard line you’ve reached. Sprint back to the goal line after each set. While PAX waited for the 6, they completed EC burpees. Keep count and a prize awaited the PAX with the most burpees! Re-group, then begin the next exercise.
Sprint 100 yards to the opposite goal line. Then do 100 LBCs. Sprint back to the original goal line.
Reverse sprint 90 yards to the opposite 10. 90 SSH. Sprint back to the goal line. 80: Bear Crawl. Russian twists. Sprint back.
70: Lateral shuffle. Calf raises.
60: Reverse lateral shuffle. Tuck jumps.
50: Crawl bear. Merkins.
40: Frog jump. Jump squats.
30: Traveling burpees. Monkey Humpers.
20: Lunge walk. Shoulder taps IC.
10: Inchworm. Big Boy Sit-Ups.

Chosen by our burpee champion (Toolbox, who crushed 51 EC burpees), the PAX completed 4 rounds of 30 second exercises: Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Wide Mountain Climbers, Heels to Heaven.

Keep prepping for the 9/11 Stair Climb! (5 PAX crushed some bleachers for EC after the beatdown)

Prayers for Afghanistan – veterans who fought there and people who are still stranded there. It’s easy to stay in our bubbles, but our safety and security is a lot to be grateful for. Be in tune for how you can help.

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