DATE: 2021-08-18
AO: Loco
Q: Supertramp
PAX: Mater, Bail, Tink, Gigawatt
FNGs: Bradybunch
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Hip Circles, Don Quixote, Fire Hydrants, Kobra Kai, Calf Stretch, Mosey

20 minute time cap:
Coupon Swings x50
Merkins x50
Coupon Goblet squat x50
Rows x50
Deadlift High Pulls x50
Burpees x50
Repeat if needed

MARY: Baby shark ab challenge x2 with 1 minute rest

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (Please correct any mistakes)
Iron Pax is coming up, sign up!
Regional break from the Capital in the works
Picnic at Bulldog(?) 8/28

COT: How do we approach goals and obstacles?
Do we charge in and give everything so we’re spent after we’re done? Do we leave anything in the tank for what’s around the bend? Do we over “reward” ourselves?
What is more important: the result or the quality of the effort?

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