The Return of Fitness Ball

DATE: 2021-08-14
AO: Loco
Q: Gigawatt
PAX: MicroChip, Rikers
FNGs: Hops, Baby Shark, Rousey, Finn McMissile, Bedazzled, Bananas, Unicorn, Blades COUNT: 12
WARMUP: SSH IC, Hairy Rockettes IC, Mountain Climbers IC, Cherry Pickers IC, Downward Dog/cobra kai OYO. THE THANG:
Part 1 – Fitness Ball – Basically dodge ball but with no teams and if you get hit, you perform a set exercise and then you’re back in the game. Today’s exercise was 10 burpee jacks for the adults and 10 floor jacks for the 2.0’s
Part 2 – Circle of exercises – went around the circle and performed exercises selected by each individual PAX members.
Part 3 – Go 4 20 – A capture the flag style game. Two teams attempt to across over the other teams side and retrieve a ball from the coned circle and return it back to your side. If tagged, you are frozen until someone from your team rescue you.
Part 4 – Random exercises – Wall sits to a CT of 100 and my news find from the exicon… Dirty Hookups MARY: Flutter kicks IC, Peter parkers, circle count plank hold ANNOUNCEMENTS:
COT: Morality Crisis – Moral’s are define as 1) of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior 2) expressing or teaching a conception of right behavior 3) conforming to a standard of right behavior… etc
What all of these definitions have in common are the “Right Behavior.” Many of our current issues in this country are due to a lack of morals. Many people when confronted with choosing to do the right thing vs the wrong thing, many choose the wrong thing, especially when they know they can get away with it. It use to be that you took pride in being good and do the right thing. The fix to this problem starts with the youth of America. As father, we need to teach our 2.0’s to take pride in doing the right thing even when others aren’t watching. We also need to lead by example. Our 2.0’s watch us more then they listen to us.

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