Lurkers and 11’s

DATE: 2021-08-13
AO: Burg
Q: MicroChip
PAX: Bail, Flame, Supertramp, Tink
FNGs: None
Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, SSHs, Hillbillies, Mnt Climbers, Calf Stretches, Cobra Kai

Mosey pace on main street towards 7 to the hill that exits The Burg (any said hill in the gloom) Roughly .20 miles from top to bottom – Lurker repeats with Jacob’s Ladder modified to 11s- double-merkin burpees at the top, Carolina dry docks at the bottom- rinse and repeat

MARY: 8 minutes of Mary today!
40 IC flutter kicks of varying tempo including single leg, 30 Freddie Mercury IC, LBCs x100 (Thanks @Jenner for this nugget), Australian snow angels, Superman’s, Dollys and finally Leg Lifts!


Know the lurker(s) in your life and do not succumb to its oppression; This could be anything looking to grab ahold of a HIM and pull them down, claim it and own it.

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