Row Row Row Your Coupons

DATE: 2021-08-11
AO: Loco
Q: Banjo (WV)
PAX: Shute, Boone, CrotchRocket, Hoff, Bolt, Madonna, X-Ray, Bobcat, Beaver Nugget, Brisket, Mutombo, Gigawatt FNGs: None
Motivator to 8
Don Quixotes 10IC
Cherry Pickers 10IC

Ben Hur Relay
3 pax per team. Either side of the field has exercises. Row the coupon boat (Ben Hur’s) across the soccer field. Pax A: Mountain Climbers at Start
Pax B: Ben Hur’s across soccer field
Pax C: Plank Jacks at End
Switch when B gets to C. Repeat until each Pax completes two lengths of Ben Hur’s.

Round 2:
Merkins, Ben Hur’s, Iron Mikes

Round 3:
Single-leg Pickle Pointers, Ben Hur’s, Banded Battle Ropes

Exicon submission: Ben Hur= sit on your 6 with a coupon on either side of you. Lift your 6 off the ground until arms are extended, sit on 6, drag coupons (rowboat motion).

Important to note: All pax need to brush up on 80’s and 90’s movies to keep up with @Nolan and @Bobcat quotes. Also, much grumbling about sore posteriors from Monday’s beatdown.

MARY: No time, but no one complained.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: None to date.

Ben Hur was a blockbuster novel published in the 1880’s. The author made a point to only give Christ a “cameo” appearance in the scene when he gives Judah Ben Hur some water. Often we go about our lives oblivious to God’s divine providence or intervention. During the film (see YouTube clip), the Roman boat captain that Ben Hur is a rower on shares this fallacy: Hate keeps a man alive. Truly it is not hate, it is God-given purpose, love, and grace. Reflect on those things and allow them to motivate us.

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